Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to work...

After 3 days "nua" life at home.. Today back to work le.. For the past 3 days, I just sit at home and didn't go out. Very sien de holiday.. but i also enjoying this sien life... hehe..

Last sunday nite, i only knew that my bro skip his class for 24 days in this year. Although divide by each month, just 3 days a months, but still not a good habits, and my dad also knew this because the school had send my bro a letter. From what I can see is my dad was very upset and keep scolding my bro. As the elder brother, I also dono how to solve this situation but only can pull out my bro to avoid it. After that, I have a short talk with my brother, and I can see is he really like giving up his study. Man, he is facing PMR this year, I had really no ideal how he is going to take this exam. Really dono how to help him, wat I can do is to give him my suggest and advice, but whether to listen or not then have to depend he know how to think or not already..

Today was not a very lucky day, I was accidently make the scanner in my office fall down, and seem like spoil de. Some more my car alarm system also have some problem with it. I can't use the remote to lock my car. I want to use the key to lock it, but it seem also have some problem and hard to lock it manually. After work, I direct go to the garage and have a check. Coz is not safty and i scare i can't lock my car manually even. The worker said my car remote's chip got some problem and can't be fixed. A better solution is to change the whole alarm system which cost my RM 90 or above... Zzzzz... Luckily my car remote can function when i wanna leave the garage. But just for temporary ba.. Need to tell my dad and get some money to fixed it.. If can.. fixed other part while changing the alarm system.. haha.. hope so..

Tired de... It is time to say.. "Good nite"... *light off*

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