Monday, November 30, 2009

First Module in SHRDC

Next Tuesday will be my assessment for my first module in my training at SHRDC le... So scare le..

Although all of us already have at least more then 40 marks due to our exercise, but still need 30 marks in the assessment for just to past this module. But I what i'm aiming is more then just past this paper.. Add oil for myself.. lol..

Go back study le.. *light off*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life at KL

Reach KL on 22/11/2009.... Ready for my new life here...

Already started my training for 2 days. Really thanks to Fei cai, his bro and his gf, and his mummy showing me the way from his home to my working place before I start my training there. Yesterday I only used 20 mins drove from USJ 12 to Shah Alam, hence this morning I depart from fei cai house on 8.30am. Was thinking can reach there by 8.50am, but who knows... the traffic out there was so damn terrible... In the end, I late for my training on second day. LOL... Tomorrow must go out earlier to avoid this happen again. haha...

Talking about my class, I'm surprise because they are current teaching SQL by using ORACLE. At first, I'm so scare because I know ORACLE is a quite hard to learn. But in the class, the lecturer is quite good(at least better then UMS), teach us the query step by step. Some more the pattern is quite same when I'm learning Database last time. So I'm glad that I can able to catch up the progress for the class.

Actually I really feel this training program is good for me since my basic skill are not so good. What they provided in this training really help those fresh graduate student in master some skills and help them solve the unemployment issue. I will work hard in this training to learn more thing and hope I can get converted early during my practical in the company.

Life is different compare with those days I work at Penang because this training is 7DAYS PER WEEK!!!!! WTF man... SUNDAY also need go for training. Sien ar!!!!! But heard from my colleague that this is just for NOV only and the center will give replacement holiday la.. :S.. Hope so..

Late liao lo... sleep 1st... nite nite!! *light off*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new begining....

Such a long time no touch my blog already. Tonight I'm gonna continue write something on it.. Hehe...

Just finish my internship at Smart-ed for almost a week. During this week, I was going to KL to look for opportunities in my job. I attended my 1st interview on the previous Monday, I was required to take a test on Java programming. Gosh... I had long time never touch Java, now you want me to take this test... really wtf... The test got 3 part, the first part was about Java programming, second part was IQ test while the last part was the survey questions. I really don't have much confidence on my test paper. After that was my interview section. Luckily my interviewer is quite nice to talk. Overall for my first interview, SUX!!! Because of the stupid test, some more I don't know how well I performed on my interview section. So i did't put so much hope in this.

After this interview, I received a call from my course-mate, he informed me that there was a briefing at PJ and is quite good to go. Therefore, I listened to him and go for this briefing. This briefing was given by a company which called Scope International. From the briefing, the staff told me that there was a Graduate Training Program which provided by them and the Selangor Human Resources Development Center. The training period for this program is about 6-7 months. Each months will be given RM1k allowance. This training purposes is to train up our Java programming skill. After this training, the company will officially hire us as their staff. I'm really interested in this programing since my programming skill was not so good. If I can join this program, it could help me improve my skill. But have to be suffer for this period since the allowance given is surely can't survived in KL. After some time of consideration, I decided to take this offer by this company. The bad thing was, I have to prepare myself and report to the Selangor Human Resources Development Center on next Monday.... Everything is so rushing..

Now, I'm here to write a blog to remind myself.. Starting next week is a new beginning of my life. I already chosen my path as a software developer. Hence, I must move toward this goal. Can't be play play during this training. Else is just wasting my time.. Add oil to myself.. ^.^..

*light off*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Noob Noob Noob!!!

NOOB!!!!! What r u doing.... What r u thinking.. zzzzzzzzzz...

Please stop to be so noob..... haih.....

I must changed....!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to work...

After 3 days "nua" life at home.. Today back to work le.. For the past 3 days, I just sit at home and didn't go out. Very sien de holiday.. but i also enjoying this sien life... hehe..

Last sunday nite, i only knew that my bro skip his class for 24 days in this year. Although divide by each month, just 3 days a months, but still not a good habits, and my dad also knew this because the school had send my bro a letter. From what I can see is my dad was very upset and keep scolding my bro. As the elder brother, I also dono how to solve this situation but only can pull out my bro to avoid it. After that, I have a short talk with my brother, and I can see is he really like giving up his study. Man, he is facing PMR this year, I had really no ideal how he is going to take this exam. Really dono how to help him, wat I can do is to give him my suggest and advice, but whether to listen or not then have to depend he know how to think or not already..

Today was not a very lucky day, I was accidently make the scanner in my office fall down, and seem like spoil de. Some more my car alarm system also have some problem with it. I can't use the remote to lock my car. I want to use the key to lock it, but it seem also have some problem and hard to lock it manually. After work, I direct go to the garage and have a check. Coz is not safty and i scare i can't lock my car manually even. The worker said my car remote's chip got some problem and can't be fixed. A better solution is to change the whole alarm system which cost my RM 90 or above... Zzzzz... Luckily my car remote can function when i wanna leave the garage. But just for temporary ba.. Need to tell my dad and get some money to fixed it.. If can.. fixed other part while changing the alarm system.. haha.. hope so..

Tired de... It is time to say.. "Good nite"... *light off*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Recent's ME...

Almost 2 days did't update my blog de.. Hehe... Yesterday too tired after badminton with my colleague. So no more energy to type. LOL... Is good to maintain some exercise per week.. hehe..

Recently here keeps raining... makes people feel with laziness. Haha.. Not really like the rain for these few days, make my car have some “湿气", plus sometime will get wet while walking back from parking to my house's lift. Luckily i'm strong enough and not getting sick.. :D... But something will only appear after the rain - Rainbow... Don't you thinking it is beautiful after a rain and appear in the sky with it's colourful ring... :)

This weekend is our country's 52 years old de.. 31/08... Our National Day. Wishing our country will getting better in all field. "Satu Bangsa, Satu Malaysia"....

*light off*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Share some article

Saw an article from my mail, so post it out to share it... ^^








































"祝天下有情人终成眷属~".... 晚安....!!