Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life at KL

Reach KL on 22/11/2009.... Ready for my new life here...

Already started my training for 2 days. Really thanks to Fei cai, his bro and his gf, and his mummy showing me the way from his home to my working place before I start my training there. Yesterday I only used 20 mins drove from USJ 12 to Shah Alam, hence this morning I depart from fei cai house on 8.30am. Was thinking can reach there by 8.50am, but who knows... the traffic out there was so damn terrible... In the end, I late for my training on second day. LOL... Tomorrow must go out earlier to avoid this happen again. haha...

Talking about my class, I'm surprise because they are current teaching SQL by using ORACLE. At first, I'm so scare because I know ORACLE is a quite hard to learn. But in the class, the lecturer is quite good(at least better then UMS), teach us the query step by step. Some more the pattern is quite same when I'm learning Database last time. So I'm glad that I can able to catch up the progress for the class.

Actually I really feel this training program is good for me since my basic skill are not so good. What they provided in this training really help those fresh graduate student in master some skills and help them solve the unemployment issue. I will work hard in this training to learn more thing and hope I can get converted early during my practical in the company.

Life is different compare with those days I work at Penang because this training is 7DAYS PER WEEK!!!!! WTF man... SUNDAY also need go for training. Sien ar!!!!! But heard from my colleague that this is just for NOV only and the center will give replacement holiday la.. :S.. Hope so..

Late liao lo... sleep 1st... nite nite!! *light off*

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