Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new begining....

Such a long time no touch my blog already. Tonight I'm gonna continue write something on it.. Hehe...

Just finish my internship at Smart-ed for almost a week. During this week, I was going to KL to look for opportunities in my job. I attended my 1st interview on the previous Monday, I was required to take a test on Java programming. Gosh... I had long time never touch Java, now you want me to take this test... really wtf... The test got 3 part, the first part was about Java programming, second part was IQ test while the last part was the survey questions. I really don't have much confidence on my test paper. After that was my interview section. Luckily my interviewer is quite nice to talk. Overall for my first interview, SUX!!! Because of the stupid test, some more I don't know how well I performed on my interview section. So i did't put so much hope in this.

After this interview, I received a call from my course-mate, he informed me that there was a briefing at PJ and is quite good to go. Therefore, I listened to him and go for this briefing. This briefing was given by a company which called Scope International. From the briefing, the staff told me that there was a Graduate Training Program which provided by them and the Selangor Human Resources Development Center. The training period for this program is about 6-7 months. Each months will be given RM1k allowance. This training purposes is to train up our Java programming skill. After this training, the company will officially hire us as their staff. I'm really interested in this programing since my programming skill was not so good. If I can join this program, it could help me improve my skill. But have to be suffer for this period since the allowance given is surely can't survived in KL. After some time of consideration, I decided to take this offer by this company. The bad thing was, I have to prepare myself and report to the Selangor Human Resources Development Center on next Monday.... Everything is so rushing..

Now, I'm here to write a blog to remind myself.. Starting next week is a new beginning of my life. I already chosen my path as a software developer. Hence, I must move toward this goal. Can't be play play during this training. Else is just wasting my time.. Add oil to myself.. ^.^..

*light off*

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